EXPERTISE: Neural Cognitive Psychology, Mental Health, Tele-Mental Health, Therapeutics.

Dr. Kenneth Nash serves as the Clinical Chief of Psychiatry and Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs, at Western Psychiatry Institute, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The Department of Western Psychiatry at UPMC is considered as one of the leading programs in the nation with extensive peer-reviewed and extramural funding portfolio. The Program is internationally regarded for its innovation, in particular, in Digital health and Telemedicine. Dr. Nash and his faculty have one of the most significant innovative experiences in digital behavioral coaching and mental health, having developed remote coaching and software platforms tested and validated in multiple mental health domains, including, inflammatory bowel disease.

Dr. Nash has also had experience in developing software companies. Additionally, Dr. Nash is a much sought-after professional sports psychologist actively engaged in work with Pittsburgh Penguins, Steelers and NHL and NFL combined.

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